Best Blogs for Makers

With access to smartphones and the internet, people can search for almost anything and study about it. This is a good thing as it allows people to learn as much as they can.

However, as the saying goes, no man is an island. Sure, people are strong and can be self-sufficient. With enough willpower and fortitude, people can do anything. However, we have other people for a reason. With each other’s help, we can achieve our goals at a faster rate.

For makers and tech innovators, one way of doing this is by reading blogs. Blogs are a great way of getting more information about any topic you are particularly interested about. Blogs allow you access to people who have different points of views and experiences.

Here are several blogs that makers and tech innovators can read and subscribe to.

Innovation Excellence

innovationexcellence - Best Blogs for Makers

As the name suggests, Innovation Excellence is all innovation. The blog writes articles on innovation across several fields. These include articles on technologies like virtual reality, on education, for entrepreneurs, and many more.

Apart from just the technologies, this blog is particularly interesting as it aims for more than just spreading information. Instead, it also aims at changing how a person thinks and acts in the world.

They have articles that discuss why climbing the corporate ladder is something that is opposite to innovation, as well how you could realize your true potential.

The Innovation Excellence community is vast. Members come from as many as 175 countries and host a number of leaders, innovators, consultants, and so much more people from the many different industries and sectors.

Idea to Value

ideatovalue - Best Blogs for Makers

This specific blog is all about ideas. Ideas are the foundation of every great moment of progress in the world. It is easy to say that, but it is extremely difficult to come up with a good idea that hasn’t been thought up by other people.

Not to worry though. The Idea to Value blog is one that will help you come up with the best ideas.

This blog compiles data from various research projects that will allow you to improve your creativity, innovation, inspiration, and so much more.

Articles include topics that cover how much new blood is needed to stay creative, how coffee kills creativity, and even several techniques to conquer impossible challenges.

The articles are a little unorthodox, but that is why they are interesting.


inventhelp - Best Blogs for Makers

This final blog we’ll be covering focuses solely on inventions and makers. This blog covers everything that will help inventors get their ideas to market.

It walks inventors through the whole process of ideation, to creating a prototype, all the way to getting the invention to the market and marketing it afterwards.