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car detailing intro - Equipment Needed to Start Car Detailing

Equipment Needed to Start Car Detailing

Would you like to start your car detailing business, but you only have a modest amount of money accessible to invest at the outset? Costs for starting can be minimal and overhead expenditures are low, which means you can consider having your car detailing business open soon, even if you have to start your car […]

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2010 Toyota Corolla Base - List of Automobile Makers models that made Cash for Clunkers top donated Cars

List of Automobile Makers models that made Cash for Clunkers top donated Cars

A clunker is a popular reference to the old vehicle traded in under the U.S. government’s “cash-for-clunkers” program, rolled out in 2009, for a newer, more fuel-efficient vehicle. For most Americans, the word clunker triggers a memory from summer 2009: the CARS (car allowance rebate system) program, commonly referred to as “cash for clunkers.” The […]

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Select Complex Application & IT Software Packages

Learn How to Select Complex Application & IT Software Packages

Companies have employed many methods of selecting software packages, in particularly for IT systems, from the most rigorous at one extreme to selection at the other extreme based on prior experience of a key executive, with no discovery or extensive consideration of how a product satisfies real requirements. Care should be taken by a company […]

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Iconic Furniture Designers - 4 Iconic Furniture Designers You Need to Know

4 Iconic Furniture Designers You Need to Know

Throughout the 20th century, several iconic furniture designers emerged. They saw a gap in the market for furniture that is not only stylish, but functional and forward thinking. Through the artistic eye of several designers, furniture created during that era has not only become a popular household piece, but pieces of arts featured in art […]

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3 Best Up and Coming Wifi & 5G Technologies

Technology is growing at an alarming pace. One of the biggest developments happening right now is artificial intelligence. It has the opportunity to be a big game changer in our life. Stepping away from this though, there are still mounds of new technologies currently being developed that are also game-changers in their own way. Here […]

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2 Notable Current Inventors

In Americas Greatest Makers’ previous article, we spoke about a couple of the best inventors mankind has ever had. We spoke about Nikola Tesla, his understanding of electricity, and his weird inventions. Then, we spoke about Archimedes of Syracuse’s mathematical genius and influence. Since then, many inventors have stepped up and developed technologies that have […]

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2 of The Best Inventors of All Time

“If I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” The quote just mentioned is a poignant statement about the importance of appreciating and identifying those who have come before us. It is applicable to any field. With basketball, we have Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. These legends are […]

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